Beautifully Simple

In 2006 we went to London to show our work to design- and commercial agencies in the hope of getting some commissions out of it. The response we got on our work was great and left us overwhelmed. However, the assignments we hoped for were few and far between. So it was a pleasant surprise that after 12 years we received an email from Hamish Makgill, one of the people we saw in 2006. The reason for his email was not to commission us to do something great, but to ask if he could include one of the works we showed him back then in an exhibition he curated to celebrate the ten year anniversary of his new agency Studio Makgill. The exhibition is titled Beautifully Simple and shows work that has inspired Studio Makgill over the last ten years. Other works on show are the Bantam Jeep and the music video No Surprises which Grant Gee made for Radiohead. Even though our 2006 trip did not bring us what we hoped for, it does bring us into this strange and wonderful collection of people who make work that somehow inspires the design philosophy of Studio Mackgill. It's a strange turn of events, but then, life is full of surprises.

12 – 19 October 2018 10.00 – 17.00 Admission free
Ground Floor Space, 3 Tyers Gate, London SE1 3HX


Tonight, opening of Louis Stettner: Les Descendants

Tonight is the opening of Louis Stettner: Les Descendants at Immix Gallery in Paris. Although we weren't aware of Louis Stetter (excuse our ignorance) we are totally content with Tokyo Tokyo being seen in the line of his work.


Lecture in Dortmund

Ruben will give a lecture on The Chinese Photobook in Dortmund on the 25th of November. More information can be found here.


Second Edition

A bit smaller and a lot cheaper, The second edition of The Chinese Photobook is out now!


Graduation Speech Leeds

Last month Thijs addressed the graduates from Leeds College of Art on how to get out of bed, make work, and show it to the world. Here's the speech in full (20 minutes).